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An artificial intelligence-based application that provides detailed information about the diseases based on the person’s symptoms.​

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What Are We Doing?

  • We had the opportunity to follow our health status more closely with the effect of technological and economical developments in the last years. Also with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic that emerged recently all the social life, transportation, health and education has their own new-normals. HEALTIUS is the one of them.
  • We realized that we have jobs that we can solve without being physically found in some institutions in a world with the fast life and lack of time. Technology can help us. Health can be one of them!
  • Healtius began to exist in those moments ; when we went to the hospital and waited in those crowded corridors, when we had no time to go to the hospital , we constantly had to postpone, and when we finally set out to go, we were in the wrong department!
  • Healtius provides the most accurate diagnosis and true department to go at the true time via asking you questions, using your symptoms with the help of AI. Healtius has its own gamification methods which makes the application user-friendly and confident.

Our Features

Symptom Checker

Symptom Checker

Medical Lİbrary

Medical Lİbrary



Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence



Medıcal technology


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