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When you think you have a discomfort, all you have to do is to download Healtius. It analyses your answers to questions directed to you and helps you learn more about your possible diseases thanks to artificial intelligence.

Enter your information

Enter the information requested from you correctly to get the best result.

Enter your symptoms

Answer the questions directed in the application according to your symptoms.

Get insight into your symptoms

Find out about your possible diseases and which department you should go to based on your symptoms.

About us

Why Healtius

We believe that everyone in the world has a right to understandable, accurate and fast information about their health. In order to achieve this, we are profiling the diseases in our artificial intelligence-based symptom analysis application with an easy-to-interface, high accuracy rate, and tell which department in the hospital to go.

If you want to learn the health of yourself and your loved ones clearly, quickly and accurately, Healtius is exactly for you!

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Early Access

Let’s check our

Symptom Diagnosis Service

Healtius app provides an easy way of symptom diagnosis service with high accuracy.

Personalized Healthcare

Healtius is a user friendly personalized healthcare assistant that helps you to use your time wisely.

Artificial Intelligence

Healtius has fast and accurate AI-based results.


Healtius brings gamification methods to ensure long-term engagement. Being healthy is more fun than ever.

Low-Cost Premium

Healtius will not only focus on technology, what really matter is you and your health. With low-cost premium features you can easily reach health care.


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