Tips to Keep Immune System Strong


Tips to Keep Immune System Strong

During COVID-19 pandemic it has an importance more than ever  not to get a common cold. There are some easy changes in your daily life which will help you keep your immune system strong. With these small steps you will help your immune system while it’s fighting against viruses. 

  •  Nutrition is important. Don’t forget, you are what you eat. Eating simple, homemade and nutritious food is the key to a strong immune system. Food is your best source to know what you put in your body. Be sure you’re getting enough macro and micro nutrients properly. Do not use multivitamins and supplement tablets much. Just try to eat balanced and add some trace element enriched foods in your daily diet. 
  • Regular basic daily exercises like 30 minutes walks keep your body active especially during home-office days.
  • Get enough sleep. Your body needs sleep more while fighting a virus. If you feel like you are going to have a common cold. Sleep at least 8 hours and check yourself again. Sleeping will help your body’s immunity.
  • Have your vaccinations. Flu vaccine is suggested to the ones older than 6months to elderly ones every year. Talk to your family physician about extra vaccines like pneumonia vaccine for the ones who need it in your family like older family members.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol. Alcohol effects all the body’s balance from gastrointestinal system to immune system. Drink less or avoid alcohol during the days you think your immune system needs support.
  • Stop smoking. Smoking basically suppresses the immune system and makes you open to all the bacterial and viral infections which comes via the respiratory system. 
  • Manage your stress.  Don’t forget stress may have an effect on your body like an  immunosuppressive agent.  If you have a stressful life try take action to tame stress. Try yoga, meditation and other basic daily routines to relax your body. Mindfulness exercise may be helpful. Get proper and enough sleep. Keep your social network by your side just to talk during stressful times while managing them. You can also consider counseling, it will really helpful for your psychology and your immunity!

Please keep in mind. Strong immune system is important for all diseases, especially for infections. But COVID-19 virus needs more than that. Please wear a mask, keep social distancing and wash your hands properly. These small but effective steps are the most important supporters of your health besides the immune system.



Clinical Team