How to Go Holiday During COVID-19 Pandemic?


After spending weeks at home with quarantine and long hours of home-office working, everyone started to think about holiday. But how to go on holiday during COVID-19 pandemic? Quarantine ended but the coronavirus still not disappeared. Actually, holiday is not impossible, there are a lot of ways to enjoy summer with safety rules during new-normal.

Firstly you should find a destination where you can go safely. It is better choose a place that you can go with your own or rented vehicle or a public transport vehicle that you can keep social distancing. After finding appropriate destination, next step should be checking the pandemic situation of the place. You should check, there can be a ban for entrance or exit. If you are plannşng to travel abroad some countries can want you to be tested beforehand. Find the websites of the countries’ Centre for Disease Prevention and Control pages can be a source for all this information.

Be sure you have a private travel insurance if you are planning to go abroad. This will help you a lot with any need during pandemic and some of the insurance provides you a personalized healthcare assistant that keeps you away from crowded hospitals for paperwork when in need.

If you are thinking about having a holiday at all-in hotel check the hotel has taken all the safety precautions. It’s important that you feel comfortable without any doubt about contamination. Avoid using a common pool, open buffet and other common areas where you can’t keep social distance and risk of contamination.

If you are planning to travel touristic places avoid going crowded and closed places like museums etc. A solution to avoid crowd can be preferring open air exhibitions and national parks. Be careful about shared toilet facilities and restaurants.

Camping can be a better solution during COVID-19 pandemic. It is less risky in all holiday choices. Only problem about camping is shared areas on the campsites like toilet facilities.

Wherever you go or wherever you stay there must be hygiene rules to follow. Keep social distancing, wear a mask, wash your hands properly and often, use disinfectants for all surfaces if touched, clean frequently used objects.

If you or your family are in a medical risk situation for COVID-19, reconsider about going holiday. Because if you have the virus or you need to be in isolation. This can cause major problems. Seaside small towns’ healthcare facilities cannot be enough for the incoming tourists. And risk groups has the symptoms more severe than any other people and need intense care. Hospitalization can be needed. In small towns with a lot of cases can not provide you that.

Be sure that taking enough medical supplies with you like masks, disinfectants, basic medicine. This will also help you avoid going unnecessary shopping.


Please don’t go holiday

  • If you are not feeling well.
  • If you have a close contact with an infected COVID + person.
  • If you show any symptoms of COVID-19 infection.

All of these suggestions does not mean that you are free of risks, just that they can significantly decrease the risk of being infected. Keep in mind and prepare yourself that you can be in unexpected situations like mandatory isolation or quarantine for long days. Things can change easily everyday during the pandemic. Before going, prepare plans about every situation for your beloved ones, kids or pets that remained at home while you’re gone.

Lastly, better remind yourself often : wear a mask, keep social distancing and hygiene rules and now you are ready to enjoy your holiday!


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